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Length: 225 pages

Now a worldwide bestseller! Captivate any audience with these 317 psychological songwriting techniques. 

Length: 278 pages

A holistic blueprint to finishing what you start and taking back control over your life. Be the bullet, not the ping pong ball.

What: 216 Cards

Need inspiration? Want to train for the music business but don't know how? Want to challenge yourself? The Songwriting Decks are your answer: In 3 decks (Harmony, Melody, Lyrics), you're getting about 60 Quintillion exercises for a small buck (Yes, we've done the math). 

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The biggest songwriting course ever created.

COMING SOON! The first trimester for HSA is currently in production and will release in October 2020.


Always wanted to know how to _______? Learn that now!

Duration: 30m

The class for the complete beginner who wants to understand what all these dashes and dots mean.

Duration: 27m

Am7 is a-c-e-g. How long does it take you to figure this out? Learn how to KNOW it within one second.

Duration: 32m

Instantly know which notes go with the key you're writing in. WARNING: Take "Learning Chords" first!

Duration: 30d

Massively improve your creativity, add color to your lyrics and build a database of blueprints for your songs.

Duration: 30d

Finally play in time and on click. End cluttered, chaotic recordings once and for all!

Duration: 30d

Transcribe chords, melodies and rhythms instantly by ear. WARNING: This one is a challenge indeed! 

LEGACY COURSES (The old stuff)

Ready to dive in deeper? Access the Master Files!

Duration: 5h 0m

Craft simple, iconic melodies that STICK. Rewrite good hooks into great ones. Become a master topliner.

Duration: 3h 30m

Craft vivid lyrics by mastering structure and the process of building great lyrical ideas into great songs. 

Duration: 4h 05m

Write your own drum grooves! Program, communicate and notate fat beats that will fool your drummer friends.

Duration: 9h 33m

Be completely independent & produce your own music! Create powerful demos & take control of your creativity.

Duration: 22h 05m

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