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Written by Friedemann Findeisen

Songwriting Coach & ComposerWith recommendations from industry heavyweights Erwin Steijlen (Pink, Shakira), Conrad Pope (John William's orchestrator), Jeff Rona (God of War III, Traffic) and Rene Merkelbach (Within Temptation), Friedemann started his songwriting/producing school Holistic Songwriting in November 2015.He has since written a book The Addiction Formula, a 7 Day Audio Program on songwriting and video courses on Hook/Melody-Writing and Drum-Writing.

  • Rhoem says:

    Can’t wait to check these out. If it is like anything else you‘ve done, they should be great!!

  • Brian Smyth says:

    Am supporting the Songwriting Decks through Kickstarter. Friedemann Findheisen is the real deal when it comes to your learning about songwriting and acting on your songwriting knowledge.