Adding Fancy Chords To Your Vocabulary | Music Theory Podcast (feat 12Tone)

Written by Friedemann Findeisen

Songwriting Coach & Composer With recommendations from industry heavyweights Erwin Steijlen (Pink, Shakira), Conrad Pope (John William's orchestrator), Jeff Rona (God of War III, Traffic) and Rene Merkelbach (Within Temptation), Friedemann started his songwriting/producing school Holistic Songwriting in November 2015. He has since written a book The Addiction Formula, a 7 Day Audio Program on songwriting and video courses on Hook/Melody-Writing and Drum-Writing.

  • Hafsa Mufti says:

    How do you write positive lyrics? I used to email my lyrics to my brother, and he asked me why they were sad. He told me to write something happy, I’ve been stuck since then