My Top 10 Music Movies | The Holistic Songwriting Podcast Ep. 5

In this episode, I discuss my Top 10 movies that have to do with music.

In the question section, I have some more answers for Ghali to the following questions:

– Do you think it’s easier to make it as a “solo artist” or as a “band”?
– How important is the name of an artist? Like in my case I have this really weird, non english sounding name – you could barely pronounce it right 😉 Do you think I should go by a “stage name”?
– How do introverts/loners gather a fan base? Is Facebook the way to go?

Again, some great questions, Ghali – thank you! 🙂

That is all – enjoy the podcast!

Written by Friedemann Findeisen

Songwriting Coach & ComposerWith recommendations from industry heavyweights Erwin Steijlen (Pink, Shakira), Conrad Pope (John William's orchestrator), Jeff Rona (God of War III, Traffic) and Rene Merkelbach (Within Temptation), Friedemann started his songwriting/producing school Holistic Songwriting in November 2015.He has since written a book The Addiction Formula, a 7 Day Audio Program on songwriting and video courses on Hook/Melody-Writing and Drum-Writing.