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You know, it's one thing writing a song for your friends.

It's another releasing a song commercially.

Having a set of rock-solid, well-written songs really is the key to starting a career in this business. With shit songs you can have all the connections you want, you're never gonna get anywhere.

Let me help you turn what you have right now - which I'm sure is very special and close to your heart - into something that speaks to a large audience.

What's always been very important to me is that I don't want to rob you of your voice. If your song ends up sounding like a machine wrote it after my feedback, I see that as a great failure.

If you've got something special I want to communicate this element as clearly as possible to your listeners so they "get" your sound as quickly as possible.

I want to help you turn a good song with great ideas into a great song with great ideas.

And don't worry, I'm very nice in my reviews. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

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What Others Are Saying:

I guarantee that these testimonials are real and not edited by me in any way.

Johan A., Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist/Singer

Thanks a lot for the very detailed feedback, by the number and level of details of your comments I can tell you really put some work into this. Your comments are invaluable to a guy like me who is a one man shop that do all the writing, playing, recording, mixing all by myself. You have a cunning ability to pinpoint almost every part on this song (and the previous ones as well) where I have been forced to make tough decisions.

Donnie W., Songwriter/Guitarist

Hey're the best.., Thanks so much for taking time to thoroughly critique "The Billboard Life". I appreciate your enthusiasm for the song and especially for your suggestions.

Pelle E., Songwriter

Your feedback really inspired me! Now I want to write new and even better songs. I thought it was cool that you sang my song, it made it sound even better, maybe there's a guitar band out there who can take it to the top. It shows that you really have listen to it carefully, because you really get into details, and in my case all that you said was true. Thanks!

Martijn L., Songwriter/Singer

Hi Friedemann, thanx so much for reviewing Dreams, I love the suggestions you make (watched lyricless storytelling as well, so I can put them into context). Good point about solo's! Great idea to add 2nd voice in the pre-chorus and insert a drum fill there. Really appreciated man!

Frink L. , Singer-Songwriter

Hallo Friedemann, thx for the review and for giving your time to support other musicians! I Like 😉 The critics you made are very helpfull and we will surely take advantage from your support! The next weeks we will do recordings and we will se if we are able to apply some of your suggestions. Thanks again!

René E., Songwriter

Hi Friedemann. Thank you. Just wachted it. Very helpfull feedback to my song "Fire". I 100% agree with your comments/tips. (Wish had those tips BEFORE recording/production 😉 ). Thanks for your service. Keep up this good work please. (It helps!). Cheers, René.

Steve I., Songwriter/Singer/Guitarist/Producer

Thanx very much for taking the time to listen and review Willow my friend..Really appreciated ! Really glad you enjoyed the song.. I think your production suggestions are excellent -and i totally agree with you viz the ride and the bass sound.

Susan D., Songwriter/Singer

Thanks once again Friedemann, for your excellent feedback. I'm so excited that you liked the groove of this song, and that it was produced with live instruments. I knew you were going to call us on the vocals, but I never expected that the guitar was going to get singled out! But I definitely agree with you..."the whole thing sexier, is really what we all want!" so I will get on Cris for that 🙂

Leo B. , Songwriter

As someone who writes songs purely as a hobby,I found Friedamanns feedback very useful,fun and encouraging.Thanks very much mate!

Vish M.

Hey dude! This is amazing man! You really went In depth and that was exactly what I was looking for... Btw you've completley got my influenes down to a tee 👌